Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards – RENT or BUY

Due to high demand, We are only accepting multi-day rentals over Labor Day Weekend.

TO RENT: Please see rental rates at the bottom of this page.  Call 801-523-9108  or email manager@ajmotionsports.com  reserve a board. *30% off reservation rate does not apply to SUP Rentals.

TO BUY: Visit us at our Sandy Location or use discount code "suplaunch2017" to save 50% while purchasing online at www.stageideas.com/collections/sup-accessories

End of Season Sale!  

All rental or SUP Boards can be rented, or purchased at end of season rates. See pricing for rental and/or buying below for rental boards.

MSRP: $799
MSRP: $799
MSRP: $899
MSRP: $699
Brand New: $349

Why AJ Motion Sports?

Your favorite UTAH source for winter daily and seasonal ski rentals will now be offering Inflatable SUP rentals. Different models of boards are available including beginner boards, yoga boards, fishing boards, adventure river boards, and youth/children's boards. Rent your board with the STAGE Switchblade Paddle and easily get around on any lake or river in UT. Special rates are available for multiple day adventures.

We proudly put the customer first and make customer service our first priority.   Please ask us questions we are glad to help.

Why Inflatable SUP Boards?

Inflatable boards are easily transported without the need of roof racks or a giant truck. Fit several in the back of any car and let the day on the water begin. The rental includes a backpack allowing the use of a stand-up paddle board on remote lakes that require a hike to get to! Fly fishing or morning Yoga on a SUP board atop a picturesque Uinta Mountain lake is an experience that is hard to beat!

See how easy it is to inflate our iSUPS.

Why the STAGE Switchblade?

The STAGE Switchblade paddle makes SUP boarding easier and more fun!  AJ Motion Sports in the only SUP Rental shop in Utah where you can Demo the Switchblade Paddle from STAGE.   Once you try the Switchblade it is hard to revert back to a traditional, single bladed SUP Paddle.

Junior SUP Boards

As Low As $5 Per Day

Daily $20 
2+ Days $15
Weekly $60
Monthly $150

Adult SUP Boards

As low as $6.67 Per Day

Daily $30 
2+ Days $25
Weekly $90
Monthly $200
PriceSUP Rental Upgrades & Add-Ons
$10.00 Try the SwitchBlade Double Bladed SUP Paddle 
$5.00Try a Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass SUP Paddle
$10.00Add on a pair of new STAGE Sunglasses
$5.00Rent an extra life jacket
One Day Rental (max $30)Buy a SUP and apply your rental fee towards the purchase of the board
PriceLost & Damaged SUP Fees
$15.00 Lost or Broken Tail Fin
$15.00Lost or Broken Paddle
$10.00Lost or Torn Life Jacket
$30.00Repair small hole or scratch (repairable area less the 2 inches)
$399.99Holes larger then 2 inches will be charged the replacement cost of the board.